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MVP Scenic, LLC 5000 West Bloomingdale Avenue, Chicago IL 60639 Unit 15

Frame & Panel Solutions

Frame & Panel Solutions

For decades MVP Scenic LLC has been providing Hard Panel Solutions for all your scenic needs. Our Modular Frame and Panel system allows our customers to create the perfect Set Design for all events. The variety of all stock size elements provides the ability to design any size and width free standing structures. Once assembled, our customers get to choose custom accessories that fit your event needs. All our scenic options deliver seamless integrated designs that incorporate innovative lighting, effects, assemble quickly and ships compactly.

Single Screen Surrounds

Perfect for a small meeting, an affordable replacement for the boring pipe and drape look. Single Screen Surrounds have been one of our client’s most popular requests. Our modular system will create any size screen opening providing you with a perfect canvas your lighting experts.

Double Screen Surrounds

Great option for medium to large meetings, You can create any height, width and any screen opening using our frame and panel system delivering a canvas for creative lighting. They paint beautifully providing you with the maximum effect.

Multi-Screen Surrounds

Have a big meeting and need a set that can be quickly assembled? Our lightweight free standing aluminum system and fabric panels make it possible. This particular Multi Screen can be assembled within 6 hours by 4 stage hands and can be fully dismantled within three hours.

Acrylic Walls

Enhance the appearance and vibe of your next event. Allow our Modular Framing System and acrylic panels to add depth and dimension to your event. This solution creates the perfect look for meetings, after party events, award ceremonies. These backlit acrylic panels are available in all different sizes as well curved and round shapes.

Seamless & Video Mapping Sets

This solution is one of the most popular looks over the past few years. Our frame and panel system can create a wall at any height and width that can be easily covered with multiple Video Mapping and Projection Materials. With our flexible system you can incorporate rounded corners, curved corners, or full circles within your set.

Large Custom Prints Sets

Do you need a Custom Graphic Set for your next event? MVP Scenic offers many printing capabilities. From dimensional signage, corporate branding to large seamless high-definition fabric prints – we can do it all. Our frame and panel system and printing resources allow us to build seamless fabric print scenic sets up to 44’ height x 160’ wide in various materials. Just provide us with a workable artwork file and let us take care of the rest.

Combo Sets

Integrate any of our set designs or scenic elements to generate the perfect aspect for your upcoming show. Combine, screen surrounds, free standing walls, video mapping sets, or simply insert any or our many scenic components and add more personality. Acrylic panels, Architectural Panels, Textured Acrylic Panels.

LED Wall Surrounds

A hard panel system can be easily used to mask LED walls. With over 18- different frame and panel sizes we can create a surround that provides a custom tailored and finish look.

Architectural Walls

MVP Scenic is now offering Architectural Panels that easily adhere to our frame and panel system. Deeply embossed architectural panels are available in a variety of textures and finishes. These panels can be applied to flat or curved flat panel surface walls and columns.

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